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Massage is one of the oldest methods in the world for treatment. If formerly considered luxury, today it is a real need that serves to improve physical and mental health. Helps eliminate back, neck and head pain, reduces stress levels, and acts favorably on immunity to the body.

Spa Sirius offers a wide selection of massages that are performed by certified trained staff who strive to keep up with world trends and innovations by visiting regular trainings and specializations.

The specificity of massages requires the use of extremely professional, premium cosmetic brands. The exclusivity of our spa center is complemented by the world-renowned German brand - Janssen Cosmetics. Janssen's premium quality delivers exceptional results in relaxation treatments

Therefore, please feel free to let our beauty and wellness experts know your needs and will recommend you exactly what is most needed for you to feel relaxed, rejuvenated and full of energy.

Let us pamper your senses. Relax your mind, calm your soul and lift your spirit.