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What is the most complex automaton you have made? What was the most complex automaton you've ever built before?

It is. A minute repeater is the most complex watchmaking device. The Charming Bird had been on a completely different level before. The air that escapes from the movement produces a whistle similar to a bird. This was an innovative innovation, since it is the only automaton watch that uses air to produce sound. The Tropical Bird Repeater has a similar automaton, but it is more complex.www.omegaimitation.com

This watch has a fresh energy to it. This brand has released some very impressive watches. I believe that Jaquet's identity is reflected in the Tropical Bird Repeater and the Grande Seconde. It's incredible to me because the brand is crystallizing their vision. Tell me more.

We're trying hard to convey this message. Brands like Tudor Replica Watches have many stories. We are rooted in our history, but also inspired by the work we do today. If a brand tells all stories at once, people may not understand it and the message will not be as clear as you have said. We decided to focus on the essence of Jaquet-Droz. We are Jaquet-Droz, the experts in automaton and artisans, as well as creators of iconic Grande Seconde which is a trademark of our brand. Our identity is built on these three pillars, and everything we do revolves around them. These stories and mottos are the focus of our advertising campaigns. We do not want to have a large press conference of 3,300 people, because it is impersonal. Each person understands our watches differently.IWC Big Pilot Replica These watches are emotional, so it's better to present them individually, even if that takes more time. You and the person next to you will have many questions, and this allows us to have a more private discussion.

Pierre Tudor Replica Watches has always made clocks and birds that sing. We're still doing the same thing. We try to be innovative and make things different, but we also keep the same spirit. This is the message behind this Tropical Bird Repeater. The watch is our ambassador. Our physical and emotional investments are all made in the products. It is for this reason that a model such as this must be explained in great detail.

On our tour, we will visit Beijing, Hong Kong and Singapore before moving on to Sydney, Tokyo and Geneva. We will then be preparing another surprise for next year's 280th Anniversary. You won't want to come to Basel if I tell you all. I hope that you will be surprised at what we have in store for you.

It's brilliant, both from a business and watchmaking perspective, that you are focusing on the cherished products that represent the entire brand.

Absolutely. We don't have to do it all in one month with a brand which has been around for over 280 years. Jaquet-Droz will also open new boutiques, not just for business but for communication and visibility, so that we can receive clients and show off our entire collection.