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Paul Newman's most famous roles were photographic negatives of his true, almost supernatural talent. They offered insightful, if not fleeting, glimpses into the man inside. He cast celluloid images of himself, which were beautiful representations of his intensely private self. This was the manifestation of Adonis' second coming. You can only count on one hand the number of times in cinematic history when physical beauty, preternatural talents, intellect, and moral conscience have been combined in such a transcendent way.panerai replica His best work was in four films. He played 'Fast Eddie Felson' in The Hustler, a pool-hall retelling the Hubris Myth; he played the self-obsessed Hud Bannon who is unrepentantly callous in Western Hud. And he played America's most brilliant extrapolation of Ionesco's post-war existential antihero type in Stuart Rosenberg’s amazing Cool Hand Luke. He was also a part of Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid, the most famous buddy movie/love-triangle of all time.

Newman was a man of high moral standards in real life. He excelled in every area of morality. He was a faithful husband to Joanne Woodward for more than 50 years. He was a political activist and moralist who at one point was ranked 19th by Richard Nixon for his opposition to the Vietnam War.

Newman's philanthropic endeavors were what inspired us most. He was the man who gave USD10 million to his alma matter (Kenyon College in Ohio) in 2007, and co-founded Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy.Cartier Roadster Replica Now, he has turned his saint-like generosity up to 11. Over USD300 million has been donated to charities by Newman's Own.

Paul Newman with supporters at the 'Stars for McGovern Benefit Fundraiser' held in New York City.

Newman not only made altruism cool, he named it the "Hole in the Wall Gang Camp" after the hideout in the classic Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He co-wrote a memoir about the camps and the Newman's Own project, and it had a title with a warm, dry wit that was beautifully evocative: Shameless Exploitation for the Pursuit of the Common Good. It was his canon, and he was the Saint.